Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marfa IV

All that is symbolizes
As the ember contains the flame
A thing done has no end.

When together for the first time
Unlike those times before
We walk through a garden
Long intoxicated by scents
That whisper like prophecies
Heard in strange tongues,
Unknown but relative syllabics
Experienced as fire and ice

Behind an open window
We fear no voyeurs
For the moon has put her stars
To bed for us
We are blind
With only our hands
To know each other
As a flattened palm
Knows the shape of the wind.

I know and feel your warmth
All at once envelop me
Your kiss is a torch in the night
I come home to you and see

your mouth becomes the day
the moment I feel my future in your skin
everything stops
the books
clutter of an amassed life
the drizzle outside, and
the turning night
all drop away
except your eyes
except your shining eyes
where the stars have gone to rest

and you know this
because i can hear your thoughts
as an unborn child hears music

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