Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marfa III

My soul is in the streets
Of Marfa
The soft gray canopy
Encircling mountains
Are my body
And you and I
Together in the street
Is my soul

Here nothing happens
Life rendered eternal
Through force of habit
Each day follows the previous
As human generations
Or leaves fall from trees
Each unique in its movement
But identical from a distance

We are surrounded by distance
Yet have none between us
We are a moment in time
Yet what we share is eternal

I could walk the streets of Marfa
With you till I die
Though in this deathless expanse
Where life takes root
as austere little houses
a bookstore and market
bars for drinking music played
for us to sing or just
tap our feet and ponder
our hands
That remain together
As we walk home through
Quiet streets

This is life conquering death
And though Marfa persists
Scarcely a moment
In the span of its desert
A person can live an entire life
In that moment
As I live forever
In my moments with you

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